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Author: Alexander G. (Administrator)
Date: 12.17.2015 05:44 PM
Development Period
02.2013 - 03.2013
Varstore – Fast and Compact Datasystem
This article has been published for the first time on 03.1.2013: GM-D

This project is a set of scripts using the famous ?39DLL? to achieve a very compact and fast archive system similar to ini files.
Besides Strings and numbers it also supports the writing and reading whole files and optionally encrypts the data.

A code example will be the easiest to understand all the functionality:

varstore_init("39dll.dll",0); // Initialises the 39Dll.

varstore_create("thefirstvarstore.dit"); // Create a new "varstore".

varstore_write_string("varA", "Hallo, String hier!");   // Writes the String 'Hallo, String hier!' with the name "varA" into the archive structure
varstore_write_file("picture1","testsprite.png");      // Writes the file witht he relative path ?testsprite.png" into the archive structure using the name ?picture1?
varstore_write_string("variable2","Bye bye!");         // Writes "Bye Bye"

varstore_save("mypassword"); // Saves the archive and encrypts optionally.

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Tags - varstore, archive, file saving
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Author: Alexander G. (Administrator)
Date: 12.17.2015 05:28 PM
Development Period
09.2012 - 11.2012
Custom GML-Code Editor with Syntax Check and Highlight - v0.5
This article has been published for the first time on 12.13.2012: GM-D

UPDATE - This project has been replaced and continued here: GML Interpreter

This is probably the very first Code Editor for GML actually written in GML.
It supports Syntax-Highlighting as well as a Spellchecker working in real-time.

The result looks as follows:

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Tags - GM, syntax, highlight, code, editor, gml, language
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