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Author: Alexander G. (Administrator)
Date: 12.17.2015 04:19 PM
Development Period
04.2015 - 11.2015
Motivation and Goals of this Website
This website has been developed by me with the purpose to represent a detailed platform for my private as well as college-related projects involving software-development.
Additionally it is meant to show that I?m able to plan and carry out a project in the field of web-development on a semi-professional base too. Therefore I?ve taught myself the required knowledge while the classes about HCI (Human Computer Interface) as well as "Advanced Web Development" have provided me a stable base for that.

With respect to the requirements of modern Web Design but also taking the limits of my time and resources into account, I?ve decided for a set of objectives during the development:

In first line, the website is supposed to display information and allow communication through comments.
Despite the limited amount of content the website will contain, extensive functionalities like a structured navigation, sorting of the articles as well as a search function are part of the objectives for the implementation.
  • Content and metadata from a database
  • Self developed navigation-menu
  • Search-function
  • Sorting by priority and date
  • Users with individual roles and rights
  • Free commenting function
  • Code field with syntax-highlight
  • Password-protected admin-area
  • External WYSIWYG-Editor for writing articles (by the admin)[/i]

The design has to satisfy modern requirements. Nevertheless, I didn?t want to recreate the typical, rather plain style like thousand other sites on the web nowadays.
My personal goal was a very much individualized design. If I?d have worked for such a project for a modern, serious company in the industry, the resulting design-goals would have been significantly different of course.
My exemplary orientation for the design in this case was the possible homepage of a videogame though.
  • Articles and comments enabling BBCode
  • Interactive effects
  • HTML 5 ? conform design
  • Responsive Design with flexible, step-based mobile-support
  • Appropriate web-accessibility and enabling of efficient processing through screen-readers

Plans for the future:
This website is not it its absolute final state. During and even before the development, I have got several ideas for features to improve the site in the future:
  • Better and more descriptive translations in English
  • Individual, password-protected accounts for normal users
  • Customizable page-colors, designs and features tied to the accounts
  • Further improvement of the graphical effects[{li]

Tags - web, html, development, design
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