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Author: Alexander G. (Administrator)
Date: 12.17.2015 08:28 PM
Development Period
02.2013 - 04.2013
GML Interpreter + Editor (execute_string() for GM-Studio!)
This article has been published for the first time on 4.30.2013: GM-D

Here I’m presenting one of the most complex projects I have developed so far: A full fledged GML-Interpreter – written in GML.
It is a continuation of the code editor I’ve presented here: GML Editor
The main goal was to achieve an execute_string(str) function in game Maker Studio where that function from Game maker 8.x has been removed for technical reasons.

Unfortunately it still has a couple of restrictions like native arrays which aren’t supported yet but the system is sufficiently efficient by using a byte-code as an intermediate step.
The example should be self-explanatory.

Example and sourcecode:
GM 8.1 Files
GM:Studio Files
Compiled EXE

Tags - gm, gml, interpreter, software, editor, code
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