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Author: Alexander G. (Administrator)
Date: 01.11.2016 06:34 AM
Development Period
09.2015 - 03.2016
Genisys of Dragons v0.5 - Trailer (C# Project)
"Genisys of Dragons" is a Softwareproject I?m currently developing at my college, the "Hochschule der Medien".

The Project shows how artificial intelligence can solve certain problems in reality, using virtual simulations.

The following video shows a trailer as well as a preview of the demonstrating program.

Basing on the engine Unity 5, a physical, simulated model of a dragon receives its movement-pattern from a genetic algorithm.
Its purpose is to find increasingly optimal patterns to allow the model to fly in a realistic and efficient way.
Classic methods of genetic IT like mutation, crossing and selection are used in repetitive tasks to produce
new movement-patterns which are also simulated and inspected for their performance.

The result is a self-training concept which reaches a certain goal (ability to fly) through a "Trial and Error"-process.
This concept can be transferred onto real machines for example.

More detailed descriptions of the project as well as a documentation of the progress will follow here soon.
Tags - dragon, physic, unity3d, unity, project, 3d, video
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