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Author: Alexander G. (Administrator)
Date: 12.17.2015 08:36 PM
Development Period
05.2013 - 07.2013
Jump and Shoot (Open Source Physic + Jump’n’Run + pseudo 3D - Engine)
This article has been published for the first time on 07.11.2013: GM-D

This project connects a complex physic-based jump?n?run engine with the pseudo-3D Engine I have presented a little while ago.
The result can be seen in this video.

  • Arrowkeys or WASD
  • Left mouse for aiming (number of reflections by the laser can be set in the draw event of obj_dynamic_player )
  • Release left mouse for shoot
  • Right mouse button press to charge an explosion --> release to explode
  • Spacebar --> Grenade

Example (exe) and sourcecode: 
Tags - Game, jump, shoot, physic, 3d, play
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