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Author: Alexander G. (Administrator)
Date: 12.04.2015 08:56 PM
Development Period
04.2015 - 11.2015
Credits and Gratitudes
The development of this website required the following programming languages/protocols
  • HTML (5)
  • Javascript
  • CSS (3)
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • SSH

The following environments and services were used
  • Java Server Pages/Facelets: Generating the visible website.
  • Java Servlets: Internal URI-handling.
  • Apache Tomcat: Forming the Main Server.
  • Apache HTTP Server: Handling internet connection and redirection.
  • MySQL Database: Providing the content.

The development of this website required the following tools and programs
  • Eclipse: The main development environment.
  • Notepad++: Additional Code-Editor.
  • Chrome: For main development and JS-debugging.
  • YUI Compressor: Minifying CSS and JS.
  • Other browsers and their older versions: For testing purposes.

This website uses the following public resources
  • JQUERY 2.14: Javascript Framework with the extensions:
      -   Transit: Providing powerful and smooth CSS3 animations.
       -   Jquery Color 2.1.2: Color animations (Fallback for Non-CSS3 browsers).
      -   A tiny part of jQuery UI: Providing only backwards compatible class-transformations.
  • HighlightJS: Code-Field/Syntax highlighting
  • SCEditor: Advanced graphical text field (only used in admin-mode for writing articles)

The server of this website uses the following public resources

The following commercial services are used
  • Server CX10 by Hetzner: Providing the Linux Server with CentOS.
  • Plesk 12: Administration-tool for organizing the server.

Additionally, my thanks belong to the following forums which helped in a non-commercial way with suggestions and advises while working on this site

And of course, another big thanks belongs to my friends who supported me as well as my professors of HCI, web-design and ?programming and of course thanks to all the visitors of this site!
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Author: Alexander G. (Administrator)
Date: 12.04.2015 00:35 PM
Development Period
11.2015 - Today
This data belongs to the site owner and developer.

Name:              Alexander Georgescu

Address:          Schwabstraße 25
                         70197 Stuttgart

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